Monday, June 30, 2008

A new day....

I'm back.....I've been voraciously looking at other people's blogs for it must be months now, thinking to myself, I should get going on my own blog. So, take two, I'm back and will make a concerted effort to keep making posts.

What have I been up to besides peeking into other people's lives via their blogs? I've taken up knitting and have quickly become obsessed. In the space of two weeks I have made my husband a scarf, have started another for myself and have plans for a few other projects in the works.

While looking at all of the fantastic, creative blogs I've been inspired to start something for myself and I knew that if I left it to me I wouldn't get anywhere so I figured a structured craft like knitting is, for me, a good thing. My friends think I'm crazy, but if it keeps me happy and relaxed it can only be a positive outcome, and I'll have something to show for it! I can see it now, hand knitted presents for everyone!!!