Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh happy day

I was so happy yesterday, my new stash came in the mail...two new pattern books and enough yarn to make three scarves (unless I change my mind and decide to add to the stash and make something else that is). I also managed to finish my first pair of socks, a simple design that folds in half to be sewn up the sides, and I also started one of the scarves from the newly arrived mohair. Interesting to work with when you're an inexperienced knitter but I'm getting there, a good 30cm or so last night in front of the Tour de France. All in all a satisfying day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm a knitaholic...

I've been knitting away and in the last two weeks have finished the scarf for myself and a beanie for the husband that loves beanies (picture to come). Next project is to try some easy looking socks, we'll see how they go, have enough wool for three pairs and a couple of birthdays coming up for people so if the socks are any good they'll be given away. I've been having so much fun trying these different things, and am constantly flicking through patterns to work out what to do next. One day I want to tackle making a dinosaur toy for my son who is steadily gaining an interest in them thanks to Peppa Pig's little brother George.

Gotta go, the fingers are itching to start on the socks!