Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First finished project for 2010

Well a new year has begun and my first finished project is...wait for it...another shawl!! I started working on Gudrun Johnston's Wast Side Shawl just before Christmas and finished it last week after having left it alone for a week or so. The construction of this shawl is different from anything else that I've tried in that you start with the border (which becomes a huge long chain of points) that you then pick up so that you can work inwards until you get to the top where you usually start a triangular shawl.

The border seemed to take forever, but the pattern works to a really good rhythm that is very easy to memorise, so it's not too painful. Then you work on the Fern lace, which again is pretty intuitive and easy to remember and on to the stockinette portion which just flies off the needles. Before you know it you've finished - smiles all around. Especially when your almost three year old son says "That's brilliant Mummy!".

As for the yarn I used, well yes, it's Malabrigo Sock again. I love this stuff, the colours are great, the yarn is lovely and soft and the yardage is really good for making shawls. Luckily I have a bit more left over in the stash so I'm off to see what else I can make - yippee!!

Oh yes, and I do believe that I've managed to produce something for the Summer of Lace that I told Bells I would join in on. I was starting to worry for awhile there as everything I tried just wasn't working. I've even got a couple of other things in the works that should hopefully count too. So stay tuned!