Thursday, October 29, 2009

CastOnItis Strikes Again!

I've gone and done it again, cast on another new project! After yesterdays unhappy attempt at knitting lace I thought I'd try something else with some yarn I'm more comfortable with, a nice lovely 4ply!! When I say lovely 4ply I mean it, Malabrigo Sock yarn is lovely to work with and is fast becoming a favourite along with the Handmaiden Casbah Sock I've used a couple of times.
This time I'm trying Gudrun Johnston's Aestlight Shawl, which has rather a different construction. You start with just one stitch and add to it at the beginning of each row by looping the yarn over the right needle, it produces the open stitches on the edges so that they can be easily picked up for the border to be worked. So far I'm about 60 or so stitches in to a cast on of 154, not too bad for an hour or two's work for me.
This is the easy part, the proof of how successful I'll be in sticking with this project will be when I get to the trickier border and edging sections. But then again there are over 500 projects on Ravelry so it can't be too hard, I hope!


Bells said...

ooh you do have quite exquisite taste in yarn. My casbah socks are SO luxurious (thank you RoseRed).

I have that very sock yarn. I must use it. I tried Aestlight. I struggled somewhat with the birdseye lace. I think I'm alone in that - everyone I know who has made it loved it!

mel said...

Love the Aestlight, but have not cast on yet. I am trying to finish the boooootiful Clo! I will show you tomorrow. I think Hidcote looks just fine . Keep going with it!